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These products are used for DPS and DFS.



XS2F - D421 - 5M
num num num
num Model M12x1-4P Cable for DC
num Type D421:Straight type connector
D422:L type connector
num Length
5M: 5m
10M: 10m


Rated current 3A
Rated voltage DC 125V
Contact resistance (connector) Less than 40mΩ (Less than 20mV, Less than 100mA)
Insulation resistance More than 10M3Ω (DC500V)
Voltage endurance (connector) AC 1500V 1min (Leak current : Less than 1mA)
Degree of protection IP67 (IEC529)
Temperature -25〜70°
Humidity 20〜85%RH

Drawing data download

Product nameType No.Download
M12x1-4P Cable for DC (Straight type connector)XS2F-D421-※MPDF
M12x1-4P Cable for DC (L type connector)XS2F-D422-※MPDF

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